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Regulatory Compliance

How is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impacting your business? The flow of new rules and regulations continues to intensify. And with the ever-changing nature of these regulations from various governing bodies, businesses face a tremendous challenge meeting compliance requirements and navigating a complex web of constantly evolving laws.

Compliance is about more than prevention and guarding against risk. It's about navigating opportunities. Regulatory compliance is not just about playing defense. It also offers an opportunity to consistently strengthen your organization through strategic, proactive measures. Measures that can uncover value, even as they help assure compliance.

Developing a compliance strategy takes vision, knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to excellence that is often lacking through a large brokerage. MCG can help ensure your compliance operations are strategically integrated into your company's long-term business plan.

Elevate Your Compliance Communications
Good communication is a hallmark of trust. Your employees naturally look to you to explain complicated regulations and keep them informed of upcoming changes. The more understandable you can make your compliance communications, the more you will build trust between your company and employees. MCG can help by providing customized annual notices that your employees can understand.

How MCG Can Help
Regulatory compliance is one of our key business areas. Listed below are some of the regulatory compliance items MCG handles for our clients:

  • 5500's
  • Compliance reviews
  • DOL Requirements
  • ERISA Compliance
  • Health Care Reform
  • IRS Reporting
  • Medicare Part D Notifications
  • Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Plan Documents
  • State and Federal Requirements

See our Regulatory Compliance Alerts in our News & Views section for more information on upcoming regulatory deadlines:

With the regulatory environment continually changing, compliance remains a moving target. MCG is here to help you stay ahead of the curve, with a relentless focus on adding value through regulatory compliance particularly when it comes to strategy and communications.

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