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Our Mission

Put simply, our mission is to help you achieve yours. Your employees are your biggest asset, and MCG can help you maximize your employees' potential by creating and managing competitive benefits programs that achieve the best possible return on that investment.

We know your success depends on your bottom line.

One of MCG’s greatest strengths – and the primary driver behind our clients realizing average annual health care cost increases of 5.0% since 2002, compared with the national average of 7.6% – is our risk management ability.

We are actuarial consultants, and thus work differently than a brokerage house. Unlike a broker, we do not represent or sell specific products on a commission basis. MCG works on your behalf as an independent consultant. We are solution-oriented – not product-oriented. This means that we are unlimited in the products and services we can offer your company, and we can create the best "tailor fit" possible.

As actuarial consultants, we begin with a cost control study to analyze your employee demographics as well as variables both within and outside your company that affects its insurance and benefits programs. From this, we are able to determine the feasibility of various benefits programs, provide strong descriptions and pricing structures for the packages you choose, and determine your systems and administrations needs.

Based on these needs, we assemble a team to achieve your benefits objectives from the top down, including providing Effective Benefits Communication tools to educate and continually update your employees about your company's benefits and how they are administered.

Our industry experience shows that our services provide the best rate of return for companies with 150 or more employees, although smaller companies can also benefit from our more targeted services. (See Controlling Rising Health Care Costs) As committed as your organization is to its mission, we are to ours: to provide you with the best possible employee benefits packages that meet your organization’s needs and goals.

Our Core Values

Quality - Expect unwavering quality in our services. We strive to understand your needs and deliver a complete, accurate solution on time.

Integrity – Rely on uncompromised integrity from all MCG Team Members in our business with clients and vendors. We assume ownership for getting the job done with honesty and accountability.

Leadership – Depend on daily leadership to partner with your team. We take pride in our abilities to problem solve, make decisions, implement new ideas, and anticipate the next question.

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